i love life! its just the mornings i hate.

i am not a morning person. you wouldnt see me waking up smiling, cheering, kicking , jumping and greeting the new day just like in some coffee commercial. more likely, you would see me snoozing my phone and organizer’s alarm clock up to three times (minimum). after the snooze-sleep-snooze-sleep drama, you would see me sitting, staring at nothing, too lazy to move around. i will just then realize that since im late (again!), it doesnt hurt to be much later, right? so there is a high probability that i will lay down again, set the alarm and repeat the whole snooze-sleep-snooze-sleep routine.

when im done with my morning ritual, it almost end with a headache.. and an hour late..

some psychiatrist said that persons who have difficulty wakin up, subconciously, afraid to face life in general. that is so unfair!

i love life! its just the mornings i hate.

Dating Lungga: http://salbehe.multiply.com/journal/item/17/i_love_life_its_just_the_mornings_i_hate.


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