Jape and Cielo forever!

hindi sila tao, hindi sila hayop, bagay sila.. BAGAY! 
Meet Him

Full Name: Jayfie Alcaraz
Nick Name: Jape
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 13, 1987
Sun Sign: Taurus
Yahoo Messager: japex09
Likes: Adventurous, bubbly and outgoing person. Likes beaches.
Dislike: salbehe
Meet Her

Full Name: Cielito Marie Ramos
Nick Name: Cielo
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Status: Single
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: Dec. 3, 1985
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Yahoo Messager: cielo_bell
Likes: Adventurous, bubbly and outgoing person. Likes beaches.
Dislike: salbehe

Taurus (Jape) and Sagittarius (Cielo)
When Jape and Cielo come together in a love affair, their connection can be incredibly passionate and steamy, but they must give themselves time to learn about the particular energy this relationship generates. They both have much to gain from their union! While Cielo thrives when she is constantly experiencing new people, places, foods and more, Jape can be quite content with routine as it affords him the security he so prize. Early in the relationship, Jape might tend to demand more commitment and stability than Cielo is ready to give, but if Jape can learn to be patient, Cielo can definitely come to appreciate the comforts of hearth and home.
These two Signs approach life quite differently. Jape tends to be sedate and practical, which offsets Cielo’s restless demeanor. Cielo may have trouble with Jape’s seemingly dull complacency, and will try to rev Jape up — which is about as smart and works about as well as trying to spark a slow, steady Bull to action! (In other words, watch out for those horns!)Jape actually has much to offer Cielo, though Cielo may have trouble admitting their need for a secure base. Cielo can bring lots of fun and adventure into Jape’s life.
Jape is ruled by Venus (Love) and Cielo is ruled by Jupiter (Luck). The Venus influence lends Jape their love of beauty, luxury and sensual pleasures. The Jupiter influence is what marks Cielo as the Teacher of the Zodiac — Jupiter is concerned with philosophy, higher learning, expansion, optimism, luck and travel. Together this combination of beauty and expansion, masculine and feminine energy is why these two people admire and sustain one another.