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Hindi pa natatapos ang Cine Europa 12, mayroon na namang kasunod na libreng sine. Aylabyu Rem! Maraming salamas sa email.

Korean culture has been ruling the airwaves not only here in the Philippines but also around the world. Just look at recent Hollywood films like “G.I. Joe” and “Speed Racer” which co-starred Korean-born actors (Ray Park and Rain respectively). Simply put, Korean Culture is what is “in” and it is out there to put its stamp to world culture. Although most Filipinos may not know this but Korean-Filipino diplomatic relations have been ongoing for 60 years already and as a celebration of this long-lasting and still ongoing mutual relation, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea presents the 2009 Koren Film Festival.

The 2009 Korean Film Festival will showcase the best Korean films from the past decade with a film ensemble composed of:

The Korean Film Festival will be held at the Shangri-la Cineplex from September 23-29, 2009. Admission is free. Hindi naman ako mag-po-post ng hindi libre.

Cielo, Karl, Rated 18 ang Old Boy at Driving with My Wife’s Lover. Walang Rated R. Ano, patusin na natin? Heheh. Ayan ha? Nilagyan ko na ng mga link.

Bawi bawi sa isang linggo, mukhang isa lang ang mapapanood ko sa Cine Europa 12.

TIP: Get your ticket at the ticket booth early AND line at the entrance of Cinema early. Since this is a free admission, the keyword is EARLY.


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