Melissa Cantiveros vs Marian Rivera

Kung true blood kapamilya ka, kilala mo si Melissa Cantiveros na mas kilalang Melay sa Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.

Kung true blood kapuso ka naman, kilala mo si Marian Rivera bilang Ella Paredes sa Show Me Da Manny.

Round 1: Pareho silang korni.

Si Melai korning nakakatawa.

Si Melai korning nakakatawa.

Si Marian korning hindi nakakatuwa.

Si Marian korning hindi nakakatuwa.

Round 2: Melisa is a student of the Mindanao State University. She majors in English and wants to be a teacher someday. Marian is working on her English.

Round 3: Whatever Melai lacks in looks, she makes up with her witty punch lines. Whatever Marian lacks in brain, she makes up with her face.

Round 4: Marian talks to her cars, and she believes they give her good luck. She named her two cars “Cariño” and “Amigo!”. Melay doesn’t own a car but talks to real people.

Round 5: Melay’s greatest asset is her hair. Marian’s greatest asset is Dingdong Dantes.

Round 6. Marian looks up to Manny Paquio and admires his talent. Melay lools like Aling Dionisia.

Round 7. Melay and Marian both overreact.

Be the judge.


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