Miguel Cotto vs Edu Manzano

Round 1: Miguel Ángel Cotto Vázquez (born October 29, 1980) is a Puerto Rican professional boxer. Eduardo “Edu” Barrios Manzano (born September 14, 1955) is a Filipino actor, television personality, and politician.

Round 2: Cotto defended the WBO Welterweight Champion successfully a total of six times, before losing it to Manny Pacquiao on November 14, 2009. Manzano hosted several season of “Game Ka Na Ba?” successfully before losing it when he agreed to become the running mate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilbert Teodro.

Round 3: No one in the Philippines could conceive of Manny losing to Cotto. No one could conceive of Edu Manzano winning vice presidency.

Edu Manzano in Action

Edu Manzano in Action

Round 4: Marc Ecko, fashion designer and owner of Ecko, selected Cotto when promoting the brand within the sport, citing the boxer’s “fearless” demeanor as one of the main reasons behind this agreement. The ruling party selected Edu Manzano for his fearless demeanor to run vice-president and his preparedness to lose big time.

Round 5: Cotto faced defeat. Manzano will face defeat.

Round 6: Edu Manzano ran an unsuccessful campaign for Mayor of Makati City in 2001, losing to Jejomar Binay. Manzano believes that by running for vice president, he would finally have a chance to beat Jejomar Binay. There is no second chance for Cotto to beat Pacquiao. Filipinos haven’t gone to that road yet.

Round 7: Both Manzano and Cotto had faced difficult personal life.

Round 8: Edu Manzono had a movie in 1991 entitled “Kumukulong Dugo”. Si Cotto malamang kumukulo ang dugo ngayon kay Manny.

Miguel Cotto in Action

Round 9: Manzano had an album called World’s Greatest Dance Steps (Universal Records, 2007). Cotto had a greatest boxing steps, ginawa ba naman habulan pung ang boxing. Hinabol lang tuloy sya ni Manny.

Round 10:  The Philippine National Police reports that the crime rate during the 12-round Pacquiao-Cotto fight was bout zero. Manzano reports that during his post as chairman of the Optical Media Board the cd/dvd piracy rate was bout zero . Weh?

Hanggang Round 10 lang ang kaya ko, hindi katulad ni Cotto na nakaabot ng Round 12. Kailangan ko naman na magtrabaho, you know…

Disklaymer: Hindi ako magaling sa inglisan, kaya kung may mga mali sa grammar, spellling, syntax , etc…. I am sorry.

Source: Wiki ni Cotto, Wiki ni Edu, The Professional Heckler, Jessica Zafra


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