[REPOST] Conyo Problems

A collaboration poem by Salbehe and Vajarl

I’ll make some tula
Tutal naman I don’t have any gawa
This is so walang kwenta
Like, you know, whatavah.

I don’t hate mga dukha
Basta they don’t make lapit to me huh?
They have so many tigyawats!
Their face, it’s like sira sira.

Pero I don’t make lait naman to everyone
I made bf pa nga to someone who looks like bagang
People say I was so tanga
Pero kasi I enjoyed naman every bira

Kakainis naman in the MRT
How plenty tao, you know, people?
It’s so tight nga there, eh
You know, like masikip?

Once, I studied at Arrhneo
Its so hirap like, whats “panghalip panao”?!
I make utos to Yaya to answer coz I’m suzshal
Prof made huli, so I transferred to Lazshal.

They also say I’m so mayaman
Pero don’t believe them, I don’t have pautangan
Some balyena, I was naisahan
If only I know how to make kulam kulam.

I don’t know how to end this shit
Baka magkaroon na me ng anghit kaka-isip
This is so yuck, nakakadire to death
But in all fairness aylabet.

First published in salbehe.com, January 25, 2012.